Thursday, October 30, 2008

The elephant in the room....

I have been quilting my little fingers to the bone!
I am working on my Quiltaholics mystery quilt from this post and had a fun time with the thread audition, which is one of my favorite parts of machine quilting. I know that some quilters hate to change threads, but I get bored with the same colour of thread after a while...I like to change it frequently. I decided to use a different colour of thread for each section of the quilting and to try to make as many different designs as I felt inspired to quilt.
On the right is the centre elephant block. I made swirls on the orange elephant pieces because the fabric was swirly (and they are fun to quilt!) and did plain old stippling on the blue blanket and the gold background.
My favorite part of the quilting so far is the curves I quilted on the green edges of the blanket...that was fun and gives it some nice movement I think.
Then I had some fun deciding how to quilt the various borders. On the QST borders I quilted some loops. I did the top triangles, then moved down to the light gold squares and then to the bottom triangles without continuous line. That took a bit of figuring but it worked out well.
On the 1" blue and red sashing strips I just made a wavy line.
So far, so good...


  1. I love your quilting. You did a very good job!

    Guilitta from germany

  2. Hey, you have some good looking stuff going on there! Love it!

  3. You dod a great job on the machine quilting!

  4. You do a GREAT job quilting! I just love the elephant.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful!! Love your elephant...