Monday, October 20, 2008

And the winner is...

I printed out all the names of my blog visitors on this blog entry, folded them up and put them in my Halloween candle holder. When my son came home he carefully picked out a name. Drum roll please...and the winner is....
Congratulations to Sue Cahill!
Sue has already emailed me her address and I'll get her fabric and chocolate packaged up and in the mail. Thanks again to everyone who played along!
Today I started teaching a 5 week class at the senior's centre in town. I really like to teach beginners and see their delight at making their first quilt! There were 8 ladies in this class and although they were very excited to learn something new, they were a little hesitant to believe my claims that they will actually be able to learn to make a quilt. One woman said she can't wait to see how I teach "this old dog to learn new tricks"! Stay tuned for future pictures to prove that I can!
On friday afternoon I am teaching a class at Reichard's on free motion machine quilted feathers...want to join in the fun?!?! This is my favorite way to quilt a border these's so quick and easy.
And I just have to show you these adorable little kittens that my daughter is helping to take care of. There was a litter of 4 motherless kittens dropped off at the vet's where she has her co-op placement (I am crossing my fingers and hoping that next year she will want to study veterinary medicine, which is close to home, as opposed to marine sciences, which is far far away from home!!!). Lucky for me she is totally in love with these babies!! I am very allergic to cats and have really noticed my difficulty in breathing since she started at the vets. I had to teach her to wash her own furry uniforms so I can still breathe!
Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen?!?! They are being bottle fed every 3 hours. I hope they will all be okay...the vet said the littlest one might not make it.


  1. Those kittens are too gorgeous for words. Please keep us posted on their progress. Your feathers are brilliant - wish I could come to your class.

  2. Such sweet, little kitties. How nice of your DD to take care of them. I sure hope they make it.

  3. That's a pretty big *ahhh* factor from such teeny little kittens *s* My allergies don't do well with kitties either, but they sure are sweet to look at.

  4. Sue's having a good week...she won on my blog too...tell her she need to get a Lotto ticket this week! :o)

    Sweet kitties...hope they all pull through.

  5. What block/blocks are you teaching at the senior center? And, kitties are cute but someone else can keep them for now... we are petless for the time being.

  6. Those kittens are SO adorable!!! Makes me want to go adopt one as soon as they're old enough! :-)

  7. Oh no, those kittens are just tooooo cute. I am glad you live in America and I in the Netherlands, otherwise I would have wanted to adopt one and I cannot because we already have a cat that is on a strict diet, so we just can't add another cat to our household.