Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quilt Canada classes (cont'd)

My second class at Quilt Canada was fabric painting with Margie Davidson. This was my favorite class because it was pure play time! These are the paints that were in our class kits - 4 transparent paints and 1 opaque...all Setacolor paints.
They are my preferred kind of fabric paints so far, because I like the hand of the fabric once they are dry and because of their sunprint abilities. This was my first experience with the opaque Setacolor and I didn't like it, because the hand of the fabric (almost stiff and crunchy) ends up to be similar to the Color Vie paints, which produces a fabric that is too thick/hard for the kind of intense beading I sometimes like to do. But I can see a limited use for the opaque paint for special effects, especially in a gold or copper colour.
Here is Margie on the right teaching us about wet vs. dry painting and how to scrunch paintings for special drying effects. Margie was a great teacher - organized, enthusiastic, an expert in her subject, and her handouts were the best of any class I have ever taken - clear, creatively organized and space for the students to write down their own comments as they learn. She also gave me lots of painting ideas that I hope to try out with the kids over the summer.
Here are the first class paintings on the drying rack. These were later overpainted and used for experiments in sunprinting. The Setacolor paints have this unique ability to produce silhouettes, even without the sun. On the right is one of my favorite sunprinted fabrics from this class...made using maple leaves, a small piece of plastic canvas, and a large piece of rubber shelf liner.
Stop by tomorrow to read about my class with Valerie Hearder.


Greenmare said...

WAAAAAAY cool! I love your sunprinted maple leaves!! Wish I could have joined that class!

Gina said...

Love all the colours. Your sun printing is great.
I'll have to get some more paints and get back into fabric painting. I used to do alot of it a few years ago.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Candace said...

Another beauty to share. It sounds like your time at Quilt Canada was something of a quilt smorgasbord. Looking forward to tomorrow's post.