Thursday, June 05, 2008

Here in Newfoundland at Quilt Canada

I arrived safely in Newfoundland and am writing from the Memorial University library..which
must mean I am a blog addict! Here is a photo from the airplane and the stitching I was doing on the plane (a block from Journey of a Quilter).
I missed out on the entire first afternoon of the conference meetings because for some bizarre reason the registration desk was closed (on the afternoon of the first day of the conference)! Lots of people were arriving from across Canada, so I ended up being the greeter and answered the questions as I was able to figure out the answers over the course of the afternoon.
There was no supper provided the first night so I was able to track down some food...always a good thing! I was very lucky to see an iceburg the first day here and I will post photos when I am home.
Last night was wonderful with a fantastic meal featuring "cod & scrunchions" which was delicious! We enjoyed a Show and Share session and many people won a tea cozy or table topper.
Today I finished my 2 day class with Anne Morrell Robinson called "Stitch a Garden". We made flowers using fusible web, which I haven't used much. Just wait until you see what I quilting friends will not believe how big it is!! I actually had to piece a backing! It definately was the "odd quilt out" in the class in terms of colour & layout - many people did a preplanned layout, followed a photograph, or brought a floral pattern. Mine is, well, let's call it "interesting"! Anne was a great teacher and I don't know why I was so nervous about my "first Quilt Canada class" was great fun!
The worst part of the conference for me so far (besides being on the fourth floor of a dorm with no elevator) is the lack of sleep...too much creative stimulation, and not enough quiet time to get a good night's sleep in the dorm (that's my room in the photo on the right). The workmen arrive very early in the morning to continue the deconstruction of all the sidewalks around the dorms...bizarre decision in light of having 600 (mostly older) women wishing they could walk on those sidewalks this week!! Must have been something that needed to be fixed urgently!
I missed out on the quilted wearables show since I am just too tired and you can't get back to your dorm until the bus leaves...last night we stood in line for the bus starting at 5: 30 pm, stood on the bus, stood in the drinks line, stood in line to enter the ballroom, finally sat down (more like "fell onto" the chairs) to eat at 7:30 pm, and we didn't get back to the dorm until 10:30 pm. And all that after a full day of classes! Because I slept through the supper, I missed out on another meal...I'm going to be thinner and in better shape by the end of the week!!
I haven't seen many of the quilt shows yet. I hear they are fantastic. But they don't allow photography so that is very disappointing. Don't know what I will show the guild members at my "Quilt Canada review" in of iceburgs I guess!


Julie said...

Wow, sounds grueling! And they won't let you take photos. Do they sell a program with photos? How disappointing it would be to not bring any pictures of quilts back.

Kathy said...

Oh Wow -- what a schedule. You are going to need a vacation to rest up after this -- LOL!

Glad you are having fun.

Rose Marie said...

Interesting time you are having. Looking forward to hearing more.

Vivian said...

Hi Kathy ... thank you for your comments on my 'Starburst'!!!
I was in Nfld. and stayed at the dorms. In fact I am now Secretary/Publicist of the CQA.
I'm going to come back to look & read your postings on Nfld. I will also be posting in the next few days. We have guests arriving from Sask.