Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back to Quilting

I finally had some time this weekend to do some quilting. This whole week was very busy and disorganized, everything was a mess from the condition of my home, to coordinating the end of the school year activities for the kids with my work schedules.
It was also overwhelming shlepping all my quilting stuff back into the studio to unpack and reorganize. It was a shock to see so many UFO's and pieces of projects piled up, and I chastized myself several times for having too many ideas, and too much activity in my life - quilting and otherwise!
Yesterday I worked on getting organized a little bit at a time. And in between the "putting away tasks" I worked on sewing my Orange Crush top together. I had peeked at some of the mystery quilt blogs to see how the other quilts were coming along and was excited to get going on mine. Here are as many of my blocks as will fit on my design wall. This quilt is so large already without borders, I'm thinking I will probably just put a small border on, or maybe no border at all. I have many of the blocks needed for the border that Bonnie suggested, but maybe I'll use them for something else, or part of the quilt backing.
Then my brother dropped in for a visit and I was delighted since we don't get many opportunities just the two of us to talk together. We had a great chat while I worked on piecing the rows. That will always be part of my memory of working on this quilt. Don't you find that when you look at your older quilts you remember exactly what was happening in your life at that time - the good and the bad stuff?!?!? They are like little visual cues of your past!
Anyway, now that I see the blocks on the computer screen I see a mistake in the layout! I did manage to get many rows sewn together and just hope I didn't get that far along in the sewing so I can change that one block.


deb said...

I so agree about the memories. That is why my orange squash quilt is so special to me because it is made from scraps from projects I did that mean a lot to me. Its like a journal of our lives!!
Love your quilt by the way, very very nice!
deb xxx

pamina said...

your OC looks wonderful !

Canadian Gail said...

LOVE your OC. Also agree with Deb - I think this is why I love scrap quilts the best - in using my scraps, I relive many happy memories - when I bought the fabric pieces, how I felt in finding "that beautiful piece of fabric" etc.

Anyway, keep working on the OC, as I need the motivation to finish mine - it's not that I don't like mine, it's that I have my hands in 9 other projects at the same time!

Becky said...

It's inspiriing to see OC tops coming together. I had to put my top aside for a bit. You are so right about our lives becoming part of a quilt. It's a wonder that we can part with any of our quilts. Take care!

Rhonda said...

"visual cues of your past!" Well said, Kathy!

I'm looking but don't see where the mistake is so looking great to me. :-)

Candace said...

I don't see the mistake either, but it is funny how different quilts you notice different things. I hadn't noticed the four little dark squares around the crosses until I saw your OC. I guess mine don't stand out as much, I stood up to look, and I still can hardly notice them in mine, but in yours, they are a definite design element.

ShinyNewThing said...

I agree about the memories as well, but unfortunately bad memories tend to spoil the quilt for me. I gave away one that I had worked hard on, but then had a big dispute with the machine quilter who was really poor about communicating and meeting deadlines, so by the time I got it back I couldn't look at it without feeling irritated.