Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Too busy living a great life!

I have been too busy living to have time to blog about it :)
We had my husband's family for the Thanksgiving weekend, and this past weekend we had my entire family together for 2 days for a belated Thanksgiving celebration. We took my family on the Grand River Rafting trip and had another fantastic adventure. The photo on the left shows one of our rafts...my husband is the guy at the back of the boat trying to steer.
My 10 year old nephew said to me "today is a day that I wish would never end"! This photo below shows all the children ready to get going...yes, there are 10 of them between the ages of 5 and 15! And there were 8 adults (plus our guide Garth) rowing the rafts. What a great family memory we created!
And we are in the middle of planning my daughter's 16th birthday party celebrations. Here is the invitation production:
She thinks that each birthday should be a series of celebrations including 1) a big party, preferably a sleep-over (which I call a "stay awake" since there is rarely any sleeping going on!) 2) a party with immediate family members, and followed by parties 3) and 4) with each side of the extended family! I really cannot believe my great blessing in having such a creative, loving, talented and wonderful daughter! We waited a long time for her, and she was well worth the wait!
Besides planning family celebrations, I have also been very busy teaching quilting classes. Here is a photo of the project that the Friday class made last month. Today I taught a project using half square triangles made using the Angler 2, which is a great tool for speedy production, but not completely accurate (I'll show the finished quilts after next month's class).
I am heading out of town to lecture and teach for the Orillia Quilt Guild for the next few days and am looking forward to meeting some new quilters. See you when I get back!


May Kristin said...

It is so nice to spend time with your family like this, and the kids will remember this! Family events like this is among my best memories from my own childhood! Take care!

Greenmare said...

What a great family get together! Good job all of you! Now, you can visit the US in November and have Thanksgiving again! ;-)

Carole said...

You are right in saying that the Angler 2 is not completly accurate and neither are triangles on a roll for that matter! I had to tweek mine so that it would be accurate. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family! Great memories! Thanks for sharing!