Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Accidental new project

I really didn't need a new idea! I have so many projects that need attention and that I want to finish. But sometimes when you are looking for something in your stash and you see other goodies, then you get distracted and start something new by mistake. Or maybe this just happens to me?!?! I was checking my stash for backing fabrics to see what I need, because my quilting friend Debbie (Hi Debbie!) called to tell me about a fabric sale where I could get some great backing fabrics at reasonable prices...oh, and she also called to complain about the frequency of my blogging entries :)
So here's a new one Debbie!!
Anyway, I thought I would take a quick inventory of what I might need to buy at the sale (as if I "need" anything!), and I found a big bag of batik scraps from another of my quilting friends (Hi Judy!). And the next thing I know, I was making a new scrappy paper pieced mini quilt! Look at the beautiful pile of scraps...who could resist?!?
But I was tired and shouldn't have started something new and fiddley. So I covered all my usual paper piecing mistakes at least once. When I was using my favorite Magic Tape to patch up the pattern I cut by mistake for the third time, I thought I better pack it up for tonight.
Hope I have time to get to the fabric what was it that I needed?!?!


swooze said...

Hehehe. You are awful. I resist the urge quite successfully. Really motivated to get these UFOs knocked out!

Meredith said...

Congrats on the blog anniversary. Enjoy stash envy. A new project may be just what you need. LOL. And a fabric sale. I like the fall scraps. not sure if that was intentional or not but who can go wrong with beautiful batiks.