Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beadmaking with Judith Eckhardt

I really should not be on the computer today, but I have been wanting to blog about so many things and haven't had time. So I'm just going to take a few minutes to do this and then I'll get back to all the jobs I'm supposed to be doing (I am having the UFO group over today so I should be cleaning up and preparing a little snack).
On Saturday I took a Beadmaking class with Judith Eckhardt. It was a wonderful class with all my favorite things - an enthusiastic and organized teacher, gazillions of samples showing a variety of ways to use the skills being taught and to inspire the students, and fun, new ideas to try. This was something I hadn't ever tried before and Judy has enough ideas for a week of classes on beadmaking!
These are some of my early attempts at making some of the beads...they are WIP's, and need more work, but first I need some time to get back to my machine! I hope to show you the finished beads soon - maybe I'll have time this coming weekend (it's Thanksgiving here in Canada, so the kids have a 4 day weekend to look forward to).

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Jeanne said...

Your first beads look very nice. Do you have a project in mind to use them? I'm glad you enjoyed the class.