Sunday, June 24, 2007

President's Challenge & Family Challenges

In any spare moments, I have been working away on my President's Mystery Quilt Challenge. You can click here to read about this challenge. I have all of the 56 blocks sewn together into rows and have been sewing the rows together. On the right are two rows finished, which involves matching 20 seams accurately. It has been tricky and I have been debating what variances I can live with. For is one such decision on the left. The seam is not quite is out about 1/16th". That bugs me because by the end of the row, everything is way out. And to add insult to injury, in sewing the last two rows together, I put the wrong edges together and have to unsew that entire seam, which had matched up really well!! Borders are optional, so now I am trying to decide about how to stitch together the scraps to make a border, plus a binding and backing.
In other creative pursuits this weekend, we have been preparing for my son's grade 6 graduation, which requires him to have a nice haircut and clean presentable clothing... I gave up on any kind of formal outfit/suit long ago! We have been "in negotiations" for days and have accomplished the haircut, which I love and he can live with, and a tentative plan for clothing...the rules are no skateboard shorts, nothing with holes, rips or grass stains, and no slogan tshirts (like "Football is everything" or "Live free or die").
Also this weekend my daughter had a pool party invitation and she wanted to make a fruit tray. I said "why can't you take some chips/junk food like all the other kids are"?? But she insisted that she wanted to make something, so we went shopping on friday after she finished writing her exams. Then we spent most of saturday morning washing, cutting and arranging the fruit. And here is the fruit tray which evolved into a tray plus a carved watermelon bowl. She was delighted and we had lots of fun together.


Anonymous said...

HI Kathy-Take a deep breath and as usual your quilt will be beautiful. I ready your blog faithfully and you keep me inspired. I saw some of your student's work at a quilt show in Barrie yesterday. I heard alot of praise for them. Student's quilts are also kudos to the teacher. Thank you for your great blog.

Greenmare said...

oh I love your colors on your challenge! and don't get crazy about a 1/16 of an inch pleeeeaaaaaaase?
Your daughters fruit is gorgeous! it would make a GREAT quilt........ ;-)

Andrea said...

Your quilt looks great so far - gorgeous colours and beautifully put together. And that fruit looks stunning - looks almost too good to eat - lol !

Rhonda said...

What a great mother/daughter bonding thing to do and the fruit display looks great.

Jeanne said...

Kathy, you are super mom on my list!
The fruit tray and watermelon basket are first rate and look so yummy. I'm sure your DD will remember the fun you two had making these together longer than she remembers where she took them. The mystery quilt is looking great. I love your stash choices for the blocks.

sewnut said...

The stuff a Mom's life is made of - all the little negotiations and smiles that is parenting.

And that is also why we quilt!!!