Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer is finally here

It has been strange weather lately - wearing coats one day and sweating in shorts and tshirts the next. However, I enjoyed watching my daughter's soccer game yesterday while sitting in the warm sun...summer must be finally coming! My peonies have bloomed and are just beautiful this year, so I have to show you a picture to brag about that - even though I have nothing to do with it! They don't usually last very long after a few good rains that smoosh them but I sure adore them while they last.
Don't look at the next photo if you are planning to sew the Paper Panache mystery block and don't want to ruin your surprise. I took a few minutes away from machine quilting to finish piecing the mystery block and here it is.
I always enjoy piecing Linda's mystery block and this is one happy looking sun block! I made my usual mistakes that I make every time I have a paper piecing session: 1) sew on the wrong line or out of sequence, and 2) cut a piece of fabric just a bit too small. I eliminated my usual third mistake (I sew a piece of fabric wrong side up) by using all batik fabrics on this block. I don't know what I will do with Mr. Sun - maybe make a little wallhanging for my front door for summer.


Greenmare said...

gorgeous peonies! I love them!!
and I love Mr. Sunshine!!!
Nicely done~

Quilting Kim said...

Your peonies are beautiful. Are they normally this late blooming? I have paper piecing phobia, but Mr. Sunshine is just too cute.

Jeanne said...

Your peonies are really pretty and I love the sun block you made from the mystery. It would look great on your door, IMHO.

Andrea said...

Mr Sunshine is cool. I'm thinking he would look good on a beach bag !!