Friday, June 01, 2007

Miniature Quilt Classes

I taught the last two classes in a series of miniature quilt classes today. It was warm in the quilt store today, but the quilters worked away and didn't seem to mind the summer weather. The morning class worked with miniature strip sets today and here are two quilts from the class last month, made by Susan and Sylvia. You can see my sample quilt here made from blocks which are 1 1/2" by 3/4".
And I learned a new word this morning ... "wookety"... meaning wonky or wobbley. If you make a strip set that is uneven and problematic, you could call it wookety!
The afternoon class was learning paper piecing and here is Kathy S's wallhanging which she finished last month for a gift for her mother. For today's class everyone brought a paper pieced pattern of their choice to challenge the skills which they had learned in the 3 previous classes. The patterns they brought represented all my favorite paper piecing pattern designers including Linda Worland, Linda Hibbert , Mary Herschleb and of course Carol Doak. They did a great job tackling these complex patterns with multiple pattern pieces and difficult seam joins.
After a wonderful day at the quilt shop, I arrived home to find that my wonderful husband had come home early and made us a steak dinner with pasta, tomato and snap pea salad (my favorite)! Now really...does life get any better than this?!?!

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