Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Tesselating Stars!

Today was the last class for the monthly miniatures and as usual, these quilts were amazing! Really, these quilters consistently produce the most wonderful quilts injected with their own unique touches. I love to watch at the beginning of each class when they pull out their fabrics and see what colour combinations they come up with. Sometimes I can see a fabric combination and guess which quilter probably brought it, but then sometimes they totally surprise me with a whole new colourway! It is so much fun to see what they will come up with each month. And then they add their own creative ideas with different border treatments, quilting designs, and embellishments.
Below is the quilt of a student from last month who brought her project to show at guild meeting, and as I wrote in a previous blog entry, I was a little overwhelmed at that meeting with so many exciting things going on, and so I apologize for the poor quality photograph. However you can see yet another colour combination for this design.
I sure will miss these classes and these quilters over the summer break!


swooze said...

They are great! Thanks for sharing with your blog buddies!

Greenmare said...

oh my gosh, those are all great!