Sunday, June 09, 2024

Slow Sunday Stitching Strawberries

Welcome to the weekly hand stitching party! Our goal is to encourage you to pick up your project, put a few stitches in, take some deep breaths, and enjoy the happy feelings that will result (and the subsequent improved health)!

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You may have noticed on instagram that there is a Strawberry Moon SAL (SAL means 'stitch along') happening this month, and I am very 'gung ho' about this theme! I have been dreaming of making a new photo for my blog header, and planning some projects to start stitching this month... way too many!

My first start was "Sweet Strawberry" which is a free pattern by Cosmic Handmade.  I am stitching it on a 25 count evenweave called "Shadow".  The top part of the design is done (wait... I see the top left strawberry is not quite finished!) and this week I will work on the bottom part. 
Also... don't you think the birds need stitched or beaded eyes?!

The second start is going to be "In the good old summer time" a pattern by Stitching with the Housewives. I am not going to stitch it on a black background because that is too hard for me to see. So I'm switching it to a grey background and will use the green "weeping willow" for the letters (instead of white).

The third start will be Pinker 'n Punkin's Mini Strawberry Sampler but first I got a wild hair to dye some background fabric with beets. Yes, beets, because I think it might make the fabric slightly pink which would make a great background for strawberries... and it might be fun! I did some internet research and it sounds possible, and once I get a creative idea in my head, I'm probably going to go ahead and try it!

I finished knitting my "Big Heart" washcloth this week. It's so cute! There are lots of wobbles, uneven edges, and some random holes, but I am ridiculously proud that I could figure out this pattern! It was a challenge for me and I am working up my confidence to knit a baby sweater next.

What are you creating with your hands this week? Are you planning any new starts for June?

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The Cozy Quilter said...

This is the perfect time of year to run with a strawberry theme for your projects. I agree about stitching on black…impossible to see !!! Happy slow stitching to you!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your strawberry projects are so fun, Kathy! I love the look of "In the good old summertime!" A gray background definitely sounds easier to work with. I've been working on Melisa's mini strawberry sampler, too - it's a cute one. Enjoy your stitching today!

Kate said...

You have some fun and beautiful projects in the works. Enjoy your hand stitching today.

Sarah said...

Lots of summer projects going on! I will be interested to see if the fabric dyes ok using beetroot.

CathieJ said...

Yes, those bird could use some beads for eyes. I love the strawberry stitching you are working on and your knitted cloth is very pretty. I like that color yarn. Enjoy all of your stitching!

Angela said...

Your heart dishcloth is so pretty!

grammajudyb said...

You have have busy happy slow stitching hands this week. I’ve been tempted to stitch some strawberries also.i have lots of “starts” need to get to some finishes. I need to go lookup the Sweet Strawberry chart! And Melisa has some great strawberry charts, doesn’t she?

Karrin Hurd said...

Great strawberry projects, and love your dish cloth! Great work!