Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Blockheads 4 Update

If you missed my post about the beginning of this round of Blockheads, click here to read why I just had to start another sampler project (well, beside the obvious reason of I am a quiltaholic!)

Block #3 is called Kouign Amann by Minick and Simpson and was the trickiest block so far with 45 pieces in a 5" (4.5" finished) block. I sewed sections of the block together and measured each one to ensure the block would end up to be the correct size. 

Here is the finished block. 
Such sweet little pieces and so many points to lose! It turned out okay although it's a little ruffly on the bottom.

It seems I only want to use blue fabrics so far in the first 3 blocks.

Block #4 has been posted today and I can't wait to cut and sew. This will be an easier block with only 13 pieces.


Mary said...

Blockheads are 6" Blocks???

ButterZ said...
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Churn Dash said...

I am appalled at the thought of making that block, but totally impressed how beautifully you made it. Wow, just wow.


Deb said...

I have been loving the patterns and so far and have been doing the 9 in and 4 1/2 in blocks the instructions make the patterns very friendly Love your blues.

Ivani said...

Your block is beautiful, Kathy.

ButterZ said...

I’m so glad the next block was a bit easier. That was one busy block.