Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Mystery Update

The new Quiltville mystery is rolling along and I am keeping up well by making about 2/3 of the blocks. In this week's step we added wings to the HSTs from step #1. I do love the wool pressing mat and even though they are expensive to purchase, I find that they are worth every penny!

Sometimes I have a little fun and entertain myself by creating different ways of pressing the blocks. This is a set of 4 blocks after sewing the second wing and pressing them in a star shape before cutting the threads that connect them from strip piecing.

And sometimes when you're sewing many many units, you make a this one!  Uh oh... some of these wings are flying off in wrong directions!

Making errors means it's time for a coffee break to settle down and refocus. This is my mug from the 2019 Frolic mystery.

These are the results of my efforts from step #1 - #3. Step #4 will be posted today and I'm excited to see what we will be sewing this week.


Needled Mom said...

They look so pretty. Great job keeping up.

Flickenstichlerin said...

So funny, when I start making mistakes I also take a break.

Nann said...

I like that winged setting! This week we are diving into the garnets.