Saturday, November 13, 2021

Scrappy Saturday

November and December are the months for finishing our Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects. I am currently working on 2 RSC quilts - machine quilting my Maverick Stars and piecing together my East Breezy blocks.

But as we know, I am easily distracted and look what arrived in the mail this week! It's a treasure trove of fresh scraps from Cozy Quilter Gail. Well, actually these are from a friend of Gail's who heard that there is a crazy quilter who makes things with little pieces, and she is sharing these scraps with lucky me!

So what did I do? I dumped out the scraps and just started sewing. I didn't even take the time to sort these pieces. If the triangles were right sides together, I just sewed them together. There are greens, blacks, pumpkin, white... all fabrics I haven't seen before.

I wonder what these scraps will become?

Happy Quilting everyone! 


The Cozy Quilter said...

Glad to see your little package of joy arrived! Can’t wait to see what you make with them

Ivani said...

So much fun arrived with those scraps!! Looking forward for seeing what you will come up with them. Happy Stitching!!

Deb said...

Ohh scraps!! Me too! I am sorting and trimming scraps but I did get distracted and finished up a birthday quilt ! For a 60 year old! I discovered I need a
grad quilt by Christmas too! Lots to do ! Stay safe and sew on !

The Joyful Quilter said...

That's my kind of scrap sewing, Kathy!! I'm sure you had a grand time of stitching those little pieces. Especially since you hadn't seen the fabrics before!

Janet O. said...

Oh, I feel your excitement over these scraps, and laughed that you just immediately started sewing the HSTs together. I have done the same with gifted bags of scraps. The colors sound wonderful, and I know it will be something great!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!