Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Blockheads Update

The Blockheads mystery sampler project is moving right along with over half of the blocks posted now.
Block #24
One of the most challenging (for me) was block #24 called "Corn. No Beans". There are 72 pieces in this 6.5" block and when I sewed it the first time, it was too big. The air was a little blue in the sewing room for a few minutes! Once I calmed down, I took apart the entire block, carefully re-trimmed every HST (some were a few threads too big) and then resewed the block again. Carefully and slowly. And will you look at that... it's perfect now!
Block #26

This is block #26 called Cat's Cradle. There was no drama with this one... no reversing the lights/darks, no cutting mistakes, and everything came out to just the perfect size. I love it when that happens!

Check out the variety of blocks being posted on the Blockheads Facebook page. You don't have to be a Facebook member to be able to view the postings and it is inspiring to see all the variations on each of the block patterns.
Block #27 was posted today and is called "Union Variation". I'm off to the sewing room... but before I go, here is my block collection so far:


  1. I am doing these as well, but I have been paper piecing my blocks. I tried the first few block without paper piecing and it was just too hard for me to get it right. Enjoyed seeing your blocks.

  2. Good to know even the professional quilter has to unsew sometimes!! haha

  3. Wow--that took patience and determination to take it apart, trim, and resew! I probably would have just started over. Congrats on a successful redo!
    Really like Cat's Cradle, too.

  4. I might just have started over!, if I were crazy enough to have started the first time, haha The block looks great! Enjoy.

  5. I can't imagine working with all those small HSTs. You definitely win the patience award for last week!