Friday, April 01, 2016

Circa 2016

It's Friday again. 
It hardly seems possible. I think having two short work weeks due to the Easter weekend totally put me off my game. But I did get time to work on the newest Circa 2016 blocks.

I am loving my Bloc Loc ruler for trimming down the HSTs.
And these trimmings are perfect for filling up the dog beds.

Thankfully these blocks were quick and easy to sew.
Hop over to Temecula to see what we are adding to the project this week.
Happy April Fools Day!


Janet O. said...

Ah, your little Friday mascot is back--and so cute. : )
I used to love using my bloc-loc ruler, but I used it so much I wore away the marks! True story.

Kate said...

March seemed like a really short month. Very pretty blocks, hopefully you can catch up this weekend.