Monday, February 09, 2015

Design Wall Monday

On the design wall/cutting board today is a new project for Valentine's day. This is the Temecula Quilts sew along called Hugs and Kisses
I haven't yet finished the Valentine's quilt they posted last year (click here to see it) and here I am starting another one *sigh* 
But it's just a small quilt, so it doesn't really "count" as a new quilting project. It counts as using up scraps. How's that for rationalization?!
So far we have made 6 kisses (9 patch) blocks and 6 hug blocks. The cutting took way longer than the sewing. 

The next step will be posted today, so I am hopping over now to see what to sew next!

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  1. using scraps always counts because it is hard to use them all up

  2. Ahhhhhh....... so cute! Love the chocolates along with the nine patch!! Did they survive long after taking the picture?

  3. Too Cute. I see fussy cut little hearts in those Hugs blocks. Chanting must resist...must resist...

  4. Love the little fussy-cut hearts in all of the block centers--no wonder the cutting took so long.
    Good thing you have those chocolate weights on hand to keep your blocks in place. : )

  5. cute hugs and kisses and so low calorie! I'm trying hard to not start new things now. I've succeeded pretty well too. But, I have a charity quilt calling my name.

  6. Very cute little blocks. You've finished a few things this year, so starting something new is a good reward.