Sunday, September 09, 2012

Slow Stitching Sunday Worries

Do you find that you sometimes worry about things as you are stitching? your children? your future? your parents? Is it only me and my "worrywart" tendencies? 
Hand stitching is a great opportunity to let your body relax and to slow down, and to spend some time in prayer or meditation. But this week, it morphed into ruminating time, and wasn't rejuvenating like most hand work is for me.
I've decided that it's my quilt's fault! 
Since I finished up my Quilter's Blessings, I got out an old project to hand quilt. It's a UFO because I don't like it... and I mean I really dislike it!
It reminds me of a difficult time in my life when both my Mom and my father-in-law were really sick, in two different hospitals in two different cities, and my two children were young, and I was working two jobs in two other cities... well, you get the picture. My mom eventually recovered and my father-in-law passed away. It was a very stressful time.
This was a mystery quilt, which was posted online around Valentine's Day 2000, but I can't remember where...does anyone recognize the pattern? I made the center and then cut it and inserted the red strips, and then added the outside border. It has been pin basted for 12 years!! 
From time to time I pull it out of the UFO closet to do a little more quilting, but the memories come flooding back when I start working on it. I would like it to be finished, but I don't know...
I think I'll quilt on it a bit longer, but it might have to go back in the closet again.
What are your hands stitching this week?  


  1. Maybe if you dislike it so much due to the bad memories, maybe you should see if there's a another home for it where it can go and be out of UFO closet. Or maybe for this project you need to tune into an audio book or other audio stimulation to keep your mind from wandering too much.

  2. I think you dislike it due to all the things that was happening when you do it and now it becomes a memory quilt.

  3. I agree, why finish something if it has bad memories associated with it? Donate it somewhere. I'm sure someone else would love it! Making yourself work on it is a form of punishment, eh?

  4. I agree with the others, 1) get a good audio book or 2) get rid of it. 3) or force yourself to quilt it but consider the misery as a prayer for someone. I would probably do the audio book, then find a way to donate the finished quilt. What ever you do, try to smile and enjoy! This is your hobby so you are suppose to enjoy it!

  5. I have no solution for you and I understand. I have an 11 year old quilt that I want to work on, it's pin basted, ready to quilt. But the memories of the quilt and who it was for....I will work on it again. One day. Maybe I'll do like you, just work a little at a time. Think, quilt, put it away for a while.

  6. I think it's pretty and understand that getting it out brings back all those memories. Maybe you should finish it with your fabulous machine stitching and donate it. Or finish and give to your mom.

  7. I don't recognize the pattern however if it's not making your heart then you shouldn't be working on it, Kathy. You're always so upbeat about whatever you're working on - this one is causing angst. Ugh!!!

  8. What a difficult decision! The quilt itself is even a very graphic image of a broken heart, pain, loss, with the hearts cut apart with red slashes and even a drop of blood... I can certainly understand your difficulty in working on it. It is very beautiful but also a very visual reminder of your pain. Perhaps some of the pain from that time is still there inside you? If you can't give it away, put it up and away until you can work on it without "feeling" the memories. And start something new that is light and happy and full of life!!! Just my two-cents worth :*)

  9. I have thrown projects or passed them on due to bad memories associated with them.

  10. I love the quilt and think you will too when it is finished. It will be a visual reminder of perseverance and your ability to adapt and grow because I think you should switch gears and complete it on the machine. Different kind of thinking goes on when machine quilting don't you think-more forward looking.

  11. Hi! I agree with everyone above!
    I was going to suggest maybe you think happy thoughts of all those people you love while working on the quilt...
    listen to songs that were played during happy events, think of pictures you have taken in the past, remind you of happy memories, watch old movies which remind you of happy times together.
    If you let your brain only think of bad times, that is where your brain will go.
    Maybe as you are working on the top, write yourself a letter to remind you of happy times. Imagine it on happy paper, as you stitch, imaging you writing happy words, sign it with a big flourish, happy signature to YOU to remind you when this is finished, you will reward yourself with something happy
    -a trip with hubby
    -a trip with hubby and children
    -or a trip with hubby, children and your mom!
    Tell yourself, ENOUGH ALREADY !!!
    tell your brain ENOUGH ALREADY !!!
    and replace the CD in your brain with happy memories
    things will be more happy for you!
    Take care, Leslie

  12. I would echo Teresa's comments. I, too, thought the images wouldn't help you do this with a happy heart. Have you invested too much in it already to pass on to someone else who would be happy to finish it without all of the baggage it carries for you?

  13. I can understand how you feel, working on it for short periods may help you work thru all those feelings. Not always easy but a good thing to do for peace of mind!

  14. It is a sad quilt. I think that makes it so hard to work on. Maybe you could add some applique to it that shows good memories too. Just a thought.

  15. Send it away! Give it to one of those organizations that take quilts for the needy. I have a quilt I made in a very unhappy time of my life and I still hate it and it always remind me of that horrible time

  16. You know, Kathy, I had a quilt that upset me every time I looked at it. (It was still at the squares stage.) I decided one day to donate it to a charity, and they made two quilts with borders for two people who needed some TLC. I've never felt better about one of my actions. The time I spent - well spent! Don't put yourself through all that pain all the time. Hugs

  17. Oh no, how you must feel pushed and pulled by this one. I'm with you and how our thoughts can wonder off into places we would be better off not going! I find as I sit and hand quilt my mind drifts to some of those places I had rather forget and I'm trying r-e-a-l hard to catch myself before my thoughts just work me into a frinzy. I'm getting better at it.

    So, I have no solution or great advice for you, I just know what you mean and I know how you feel. I can relate!!!

  18. Sewing alone in my sewing room or handquilting on a quilt I always have time alone to think. You wouldn't believe the things that pop into my head. I think that is the reason why I find it relaxing and cathardic...just like going to therapy only cheaper!! Continuing trying to finish it and think happy thoughts and you will get through it!
    Northern Blog Stalker

  19. I guess you have to decide. Is it going to be therapeutic to finish after the initial onslaught of memories? or will it continue to be a painful thing that belongs in the past? Amazing how our projects can hold so many memories--the good and the bad.