Thursday, September 20, 2012

How many days until FNSI?!?

I am in a creative funk!
I wander around my quilt room tidying up (which needs to be done, for sure) but nothing catches my attention to work on. 
Maybe I have a "quilt hang over" from my "Dotty for Kaffe" quilt? It was so much fun to make, I felt happy and creative making it, and nothing is interesting me now. 
The UFO from last month is annoying me by being still undone, and this month's UFO is not telling me what to do next, even though the month is half over!
My hand quilting project is bugging me because it's too sad, and....well, you get the picture.
So this is the plan.
I'm inviting some friends over to sew for Friday Night Sew-In! And I just know they will inspire me and get me back on track (no pressure!)
In fact, I am so eager, I'm #2 this month on the FNSI sign up list!!  
Are you joining in?!?


Deb A said...

How about the quilt square along block? It was really fast and fun to make... and you'll have checked something off the list for the month. Might help get your mojo back!

Anonymous said...

Oh know I missing another FNSI. But I know how you feel...nothing seems to be calling to me despite the numerous projects I have on the go and want to do!! Hope your friends help you out and say hello to Barb for me( I am sure she will be #3 on the list)
Northern Blog Stalker!!!

Anonymous said...

Well that wasn't very good English now was it!?!?!?!

Oh no I am missing.....

Couldn't let it go that way...proofreading!!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I never think of it as a creative funk Kathy, many times (like now) when I finish a big project I like to enjoy a little down time which always includes straightening up my room and looking through the many UFO's that I have.....then all of a sudden I am ready to go!

Kate said...

It looks like FNSI broke your creative funk. It's sure not fun while you are in the middle of one.