Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lemon Lime and Paris Fair

Last year around this time I wrote on my blog about my love of Fall Fairs  - click here to read it if you missed that post.  Although I am not able to convince my kids to come with me anymore, I still enjoy visiting the exhibits and soaking up the energy of a fall fair. This year I poured over the categories and prepared all my quilts and photos to enter. One of the categories is "still life" of course I would photograph a quilt!
Here is my "Lemon Lime" entry:
a scrappy string pieced placemat, with a lemon, a lime, and a cold glass of lemon water.
But my photos did not print out well... I think I need to invest in a photo printer (Zehrs, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart photo printing is just not good quality around here!) So I didn't end up entering any photos this year, but I did enter 6 quilts and look forward to seeing the display on Monday.
And speaking of lemon-lime...I found a great little stitchery pattern on the Feeling Stitchy blog called "Little Lemon Slice". She is so cute and I love her attitude, so I'll definitely be stitching her to go with this still life display for next year!
I haven't had a chance to work on any scrappy projects this week, but hop over to SoScrappy and see what the scrappers are sewing up. The colour this month is pumpkin, so I look forward to getting out those scraps. 
And...I got the great news today that my sewing machine technician has been able to fix my machine! I can pick it up next week...I can hardly wait! 


Janet O. said...

That still life makes me smile!
Good news about your machine. What a relief!

scraphappy said...

What a great little scene. So glad yor machine is fixed! Just two more days to enjoy your hand quilting.

Karen said...

I love this placemat. Finally some inspiration for what to do with my dreaded yellows.

Sherill said...

I love the placemat! I need some new ones and this would be perfect to use up some scraps! Good news regarding your machine!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh boy! The machine is coming home - yippee!!! I love your Lemon Lime picture, but it makes me think of summer more than fall :*) Good luck on your quilts placing in the fairs - that's so much fun to do!

Karen said...

The fabric colors certainly are a version of lemons and limes. Fresh looking.

Kate said...

Love the still life. Too bad it didn't print well. Fair entries start on Tuesday here, so we'll be printing photos on Monday.

Good luck with the quilts that you entered. Hope you get lots of blue ribbons.

Helen in the UK said...

That's a really zesty picture! GREAT NEWS that your machine is ready to collect :)

AnnieO said...

GREAT news about your sewing machine! Glad it was able to be repaired.

Fall Fairs are fun--heck, fairs are fun anytime of the year. Hope you have a very successful result from your entries.