Friday, August 17, 2012


If you are a quiltaholic blogger you know what these anachronisms mean...
TUSAL = Totally Useless Sew Along
Even the name makes me smile! 
I found out about the Totally Useless Sew Along on Connie's blog. Since I save all my thread bits, I had to find out more about it - click here to read more. I love it! There are lots of people who are as crazy as I am ... almost 400 people are signed up! All you do is post a photo of your thread bits a.k.a. "ORTS" on the new moon, which is today (yes it is...look outside your window tonight!) 
This is my ORTS jar, which was a gift from my friend Louise. It's quite large and is now full...that's a LOT of thread ends!

FNSI = Friday Night Sew In
This month the FNSI is being hosted by Bobbi, and I invited my sister and my "regular FNSI friend" Barb to join in. For FNSI all you do is plan a party for yourself or invite others, get some projects ready, and enjoy a relaxing evening of sewing. (To read my July FNSI report - click here.) We usually have snacks, music, drinks, and lots of great conversation and laughter, and if we have time, we do some sewing! I have a long list of projects to work on, and if my sewing machine cooperates, I hope to have lots to report on tomorrow.
Happy TUSAL and FNSI!!
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