Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilt Retreat 2012

I have just returned from my annual quilt retreat and am exhausted from all the fun we had. We did a little sleeping, a little drinking, a little crying, and a whole lot of talking, eating, laughing, and sewing! I believe that I truly am a very lucky person to have met such wonderful women and have had the privilege of retreating with them for many years. To be in their company is as healing as salve on open wounds (a very old saying but it expresses how I feel), and I can't wait until next year's retreat to be together with them again. 
At retreat I worked on 8 different projects and will post them on my blog over the next few days.
This is my February UFO project a scrappy version of the pattern called "Hip  Baby". The quilt top is now sewn together,and there was enough fabric to make one border and a binding, which is all ready to go. 
I just need to get the quilting and binding done in the next 6 days to meet my February UFO goal. 
Here is a photo of me machine quilting the border of my Dr. Seuss quilt and I hope to finish this quilt by the end of the month also.
We are anticipating perfect quilting weather tomorrow, with a major snow storm coming. Too bad I didn't get snowed in at retreat!


AnnieO said...

8 projects, that is so great! Sounds like a wonderful time away--congrats on being among folks that share their passion.

Janet O. said...

Kathy, glad you could have such a great time at your retreat. That was a lot of projects--I look forward to seeing them.
Love "Hip Baby". That is a great binding for it.
Nice photo of you! : )

Ellen said...

Sounds like you had blast and that you were very inspired!

Sally Ann said...

Sounds like you were quilting up a storm on the retreat!! Wow 8 projects! Can't wait to see them!

Debbie said...

I thought those were glasses of milk...then I clicked on the photo to get a better view...never heard of it...does strawberry cream tequilla make quilting even more fun? I love how your outfit matched your pretty quilts!

Jean said...

Retreats are the bomb...I just went on one too a few weeks ago and we did get snowed in! It was great!