Thursday, February 02, 2012

Batting Scraps and Pink Lemonade Show

Nothing exciting is going on in my sewing room these days. I am doing functional tasks, like cleaning up and vacuuming... things that are boring but necessary. My goals this week are:
1) to clear off the cutting table (I'm sure you know how that goes...the mountain just grows and grows until there is no room left to cut!) and 
2) to piece together small batting scraps in order to make a batting that is large enough to use in my mystery quilt. I am using the Heat Press Batting Together product, which I quite like and wrote about on this blog entry.
For some quilty inspiration, hop over to Lori's blog. She has a Pink Lemonade Quilt Show going on, and the variety of quilts made from the same pattern is amazing! In honour of the pink lemonade show, I put a photo on my blog header of my version of "Pink Lemonade".


  1. It is a great show. I can hardly believe you made yours 1/2 size. It's so cute!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Kathy. Such variety from one to the next, when a person checks out all those linked to Lori's blog. And it's a perfect new header, just in time for Valentine's Day.

  3. I really like that heat press tape as well, great for donation quilts.

  4. You've been looking at my cutting table, haven't you?
    Your little quilt in your header is perfect. I was going to put my red one in my header, too. I might even get around to it. : )
    Thanks for the mention of the Heat Press. I was just sorting through the piles of batting scraps and wondering whether or not to save them all.

  5. Your quilt looks great in the header! I too can't believe you made it so small.

  6. Goals help us keep focused...!! Keep working on them! I usually just sew batts together with a big zig zag stitch...

  7. Ha! Even as a newbie quilter, my cutting table is piling up. Glad to know it's an epidemic!

    Never even heard about the batting tape. Looks interesting.

    Checked out the Lemonade Quilt show - Wow! Loved the variety! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, when you finish with your cutting table, would you come clear off mine? That mountain of "stuff" is sure cutting into my creativity.