Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday #4

On the design wall today is my UFO challenge project for the month.  Judy picked project #5 for this month, and this is my #5... batik cats. This quilt top is so old, it predates the start of my blog (2006), so it has not been mentioned before. I just found the top when I was cleaning over the holidays. My best guess is that it was made 12+ years ago! It was made from a Fat Quarter bundle of batiks and the layout was from one of the earliest editions of EQ
I bought the border/backing fabric at Creative Sister's Full Moon Frenzy Jan. 9th and it took me two weeks to get the borders sewn on! It's not that attaching borders is difficult... it's just so boring that I procrastinate the task. Now it's done and I can move on to the pin basting and machine quilting steps. I am thinking of trying the "railroad tracks" quilt design that I saw on Annie's blog - click here to see her photo. Annie was inspired by Leah's blog - click here to see the video. I think it looks like a fun design to try, and one that I might be able to complete within the next week in order to meet my goal of finishing this quilt by the end of the month.
And speaking of fun machine quilting, I taught a feather quilt class on Saturday at Triangle Sewing.  Here are the brave students who found out that they were indeed amazing feather quilters!
Thanks so much to Karen for bringing her camera and sending me the photo so I can remember this wonderful group of quilters and the fun time we had quilting away the afternoon.


Janet O. said...

Beautiful batiks in that "old" quilt top!
I wish you could come teach me feathers--I'd like to find out that I am an amazing feather quilter. So far, not so much. : ) It does look like they did a great job, which means you did a great job!

Jeanne said...

I wish you were around to teach me to quilt feathers or anything, for that matter. I'm just happier making the tops.

Kate said...

Progress is progress, even if it took you 2 weeks to get that far. I love the cat batik, very fanciful.

AnnieO said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Kathy! I hope to someday be able to do feathers. Wish I were close enough to pop into one of your classes :) Enjoy the railroad tracks--it is easy to stitch. I did use a marking pencil to give myself a starting line as I progressed down the quilt, but it was fun to do the "tracks" freeform.