Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creative Winter Activities

We're having some fun with creative winter activities here. Yesterday was windy, cold and snowy. Driving my kids to their various jobs was absolutely treacherous and only because of my "old lady driving" (as my kids say) and divine intervention (no traffic coming in the oncoming lane where I ended up) did I narrowly escape a collision. 
Here's a video clip that reminds me of yesterday:

So what else can you do on a snowy day but quilt?!? 
Well, I also did some comfort cooking. I made a ham and bean soup for supper which the kids didn't enjoy (which means I'll be eating the leftovers all week long!)
Then I baked some banana crumb muffins using a recipe from April's Art blog, and the kids loved those.
Then I spent the rest of the day quilting. (Well, not exactly "the rest of the day" and around doing laundry, dishes, driving kids to work, guitar lessons, and dealing with the dog).
I was able to capture the moment that the sun peeked through the window to shine on my blocks (for this quilt) all lined up and ready to sew together.
Hope you are enjoying some relaxing creative activities on this snowy Sunday!


Debbie said...

Unfortunately I could relate to many of those clips on the really makes you glad to get home after an outing on slick roads...and sometimes you wonder how you got home without a scratch on your vehicle. Definitely a day for quilting!

Janet O. said...

One winter day a few years ago I slid every which way and ended up off the opposite side of the road--very grateful there was no oncoming traffic at the moment.
Why don't kids appreciate the goodness of ham and beans?
No surprise they loved the muffins--they look yummy!

Quiltaholic said...

Glad you're okay! Sunday is my favourite day of the week and I LOVE that it was sunny, even if only for a moment, for you. TFS =)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad you are ok!

That video is something else and I couldn't help but notice a lot of those cars were British...hence why I stay firmly at home when the winter strikes the UK!! :o)