Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Quilt Finished!

I cannot believe the pressure I sometimes put on myself to finish quilts. Deadlines are motivating, but there are times when I get crazy to finish a quilt, and it's usually at Christmas, which is already a stressful time full of deadlines!
I just finished the Quiltmaker mystery called "Secret Window"  which I started back in July. I am always surprised when a quilt is started and finished in the same calendar year!
I got my kids to hold up the quilt real quick before I wrapped it, so I didn't get a good photo of it but here is the finished quilt:
This quilt is made primarily from Sweetwater fabrics in the "Pure" line. I have loved every fabric line that Sweetwater has made so far (click here to go to their blog), and particularly like some of their prints that have inspiring words.
I must say that I made "record time" in piecing a simple backing and wondered why I usually grumble about that step of the process???! 
This is a photo of the back of the quilt. I quilted a simple horizontal/vertical grid, then some stars in the 12 brown star blocks, and finished with the feathered border.
The quilt turned out better than I thought it might have at various points in the mystery (read this blog post for more details on that). 
This lovely striped binding was stitched down by hand, while I filled it full of healing thoughts and loving wishes for the client who will be receiving it.
And here is the pile of presents all ready for Santa to deliver to her...the quilt is the gift on the top with the silver bow!


Karen said...

Pretty soft colors in your new quilt.

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on getting one last finish in for 2011. Glad you were able to complete it before it had to get added to the dreaded UFO list.

Paula, the quilter said...

I really like Sweetwater fabrics and these colors are great aren't they?

Mary said...

I like the sweet water line called Hometown. Still have to make something out of what I bought. It is fun that name of my town in on it.
I'm sure the quilt will keep your client in hugs and love all through the years. Congrats on 11 of 12 UFO'S DONE!

Janet O. said...

I really like the colors of this quilt. A unique combination that really works for me. It is a beautiful quilt and so good of you to gift it. The recipient is going to be so surprised.
I do the deadline thing to myself, as well. Often a similar circumstance to yours--I decide I need a gift quilt for someone and I need it PRONTO. Rush to finish a UFO or make a quick quilt to gift. Always at a busy time. What makes us do that? : )
Merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

Very pretty quilt. You're just a quilting whirlwind, aren't you? Great job!!!

Julie in the Barn said...

Such a sweet quilt. You have done a fantastic job on your UFO list!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a great pile of presents. That quilt turned out very pretty!! I love thier fabrics too ( I think they live just down the highway from me, if its the same lady I am thinking of)

Merilyn said...

A great finish just in the nick of time LOL!!! Well done, it's a lovely quilt and I'm sure all the work you have put into it will be appreciated! Have a lovely Christmas holiday season!!!

Amy said...

Congrats on your finish and just in the 'Nick' of time! I too love the Sweetwater fabrics.

AnnieO said...

What a lucky lucky client to have something so lovely and filled with warm thoughts and joy. Congrats on your finish!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilt. I really like this color combination.

Hope you've had a chance to slow down and relax a bit. Those Christmas deadlines are tough!