Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Sampler #12

The block pattern for this week's Saturday Sampler block was another block from the Quiltmaker magazine.

The directions for this block were great and the block went together really well...

Did I sew the bottom row on upside down?

I took off the bottom row and resewed it...

Attempt #2 - still not right!

The middle "V" blocks look okay but now the 4 patches are wrong.

Three strikes and you're out! 
Better really concentrate this time!

Finally! The correctly pieced quilt block!
Number of patches in the 12" block: 100
Block Name: "Follow Me Home"
Block Designer: Elisa Wilson of Back Porch Design
Pattern Source: Quiltmaker 100 blocks magazine  (Block #71)


Thelma said...

LOL, I had one of those days yesterday in my sewing room. I wasn't sewing anything hard but I would finish a block, press it, then notice I had one corner wrong. It got to the point I was doing more unsewing than sewing to I quilt for the day!

Your finished block looks great, none worse for the wear!

Yvette said...

I need to order this magazine before I can't get it anymore. I really like how these blocks are looking.

Heather said...

some days are just like that.