Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Sampler #11

Well, here is my 11th Saturday Sampler block.
It was very worst block to date!

Block Name: Star Crossover
Block Designer: Diane Nagle
Pattern from: Quiltmaker 100 blocks magazine (#67)
The corner blocks went well, and the centre square was easy :)
But the other blocks would not come out to the correct size. 
Double checked my cutting...perfect.
Double checked my seam allowance...tried again with a smaller "scant" seam allowance...still no good.
I just could not get the blocks to be the right size or match up in the seams. 
See what I mean?!? No amount of ripping and resewing could convince these points to line up.
And so, I gave up and decided this would be part of the backing of the quilt that my Saturday Sampler blocks might become.
It was not a good choice of project to tackle for National Quilt Day!
But I did get to spend the day with some of my fellow mini quilt lovers and that was lots of fun! 


Mary said...

No pics of the Mini Quilts from the meeting with the ladies??? I wanna see too. Only you will know the points didn't match. Did you try opening the seams?

Amy said...

STILL lovely, despite some tiny missed points :0)

Karen said...

A lot of pieces in the block but it looks good to me.

Heather said...

must have been the weather. too much or too little humidity in the air. I am positive that can affect the size and texture of the fabric.

Delilah said...

Wow, I can't believe how hard you are on yourself! I am working on a sampler quilt as well and I know exactly how you feel...but I didn't even notice your mess up till you pointed it out. Also, you have made me realize not to be so hard on myself. My grandmother always says "God didn't make us perfect, why should our quilts be?"