Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Good News & Bad News

My good news is that I received a postcard in the mail from Jill over at the Quilt Rat! That sure makes your day when you come home from a hard day at work and find a quilty treat in your mailbox! Thanks so much Jill!
My bad news is that I had a computer disaster and lost all of my October photos! If you know how much I love my camera and photos, you know how upset I am about it. I lost my Halloween photos, my daughter's grad photos, photos of family at Thanksgiving, not to mention all my quilting photos....yes, even my quilt show photos...ugh!  I am sure this was "user error" but it sure is a nasty reminder of how important it is for me to save my photos onto disk before I delete them from my photo card. 
I can show you the photo of the tablerunners made by the quilters at the Senior's Centre. You can see my version here.  My thanks to Monica Solorio-Snow for letting us use her pattern - you can see it here. This is a fun project to sew and would make a beautiful Christmas gift if you are looking for ideas. 
Didn't these turn out great!?! 


Gina said...

Love the postcard. So bright and cheery.

I'm so sorry about losing all your photos. I back mine up in an on line photo album so at least I know they are somewhere else if the worst happens.
Remember though that you may have lost the hard evidence but you haven't lost the memories
Love and hugs Gina xxx

Andrea said...

What a shame Kathy xx

Jean said...

So bad that you lost your photos.Could they be in your recycle bin?
The runners are pretty and the ladies look very pleased with them.

Margeeth said...

Oh no, losing your pictures is terrible.

call me crazy said...

So sorry to read abt losing your photo's! Can you get some copies from family/friends? DD had her camera stolen over the weekend and is just heartsick too. :( Thanks for the reminder to save on my thumb drive! I'm really bad abt doing that!:-o

Ginger Patches said...

Oh no, losing pictures is the worst! I'm so sorry :(

sewnut said...

ouch, I am glad Jill was able to bring a smile to your day with her lovely postcard.

Quilt Rat said...

Oh Kathy....I'd be sick to loose those photos......that completely sucks!
I am thinking of getting an extra hard drive to back everything up on.........sick I'd just be sick!

I do hope the card gave you a little bright nice of you to post it. Thanks

May Kristin said...

I'm sorry you lost your photos. That's a big reminder for all of us!