Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Guess who is spending most of today in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving meal??!!? 

Yes...the quilter is trying to cook a turkey dinner....poor hungry supper guests! My goal is not to burn anything and to have enough selection that if something tastes terrible, there is still enough "okay" tasting food that everyone will be full! Yesterday DH and I did most of the prep work, including baking 3 pumpkin pies, one of which has already been consumed by the kids!
I spent many hours pulling, peeling, chopping, and blanching the rest of the carrots in my garden, so the freezer is packed full for the winter. 
I am also making red cabbage today and have you ever noticed the beautiful pattern inside a cabbage?!?!  I am in desperate need of some quilting time if I'm trying to figure out how to design a quilt based on a cabbage!!

My plan is to set aside a few minutes today to square up these blocks for our group quilt. Every quilter has a different 1/4" seam and all the blocks need to be 8 1/2" so they will fit together. You can read about the beginning of this quilt here. The plan is to get the quilt top sewn together so it can be sent off to the hand quilters to give them enough time to complete the quilt before the submission deadline.

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julieQ said...

We swapped some quilt blocks last year, and I don't think any one block was the same size! It made for interesting piecing the tops together to say the least. Hope you can find some quilting time, just for you.