Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trees on the Table

Last Christmas there were many quilt bloggers making Marcie's 24" Trees on the Table quilt (click here to go to her website and then click on "free patterns" to go to the pattern). Marcie posted lots of beautiful examples of the quilts made - click here to see them. I didn't have the time last year, but this year wanted to try it out. I contacted Marcie about making her design in a miniature size, and she wrote right back to me with the instructions altered to make a 12" square version of her pattern. This was such a fun little quilt to sew up that I asked Marcie if I could share it with my mini quilt class and she very generously gave me look for the results from that class which I will post on my blog later in January.
On the right is the plaid version I made to give to my adult nieces for Christmas. I used up some leftover HST's from my Dad's plaid quilt for the pinwheels. Inaccurate cutting of the plaids makes the borders look a little wonky so let's just say I did that on purpose!!
And about the mistake...well, let's just say that I also did that on purpose! The first person to leave me a comment telling me what the mistake is, will get a quilty New Year's gift from me!
On the left is the mini quilt I made from my Christmas fabrics, using just one border fabric and I put a little folded (red) piping between the trees and
the border. Doesn't it look great on my dining room table with a candle holder made by my FIL?
Thanks again for your generosity Marcie!

Besides having quilted "trees on my table" I also have had shortbread trees on my table this week. My shortbread cookies are somewhat famous in our family and they are the only cookies I make faithfully every year. I use an old recipe from my Mom and I make it the same way she always hand.
It takes a long time (and a lot of luck, I mean skill) to get the dough just the right consistency and temperature to roll out. Then I have to watch the cookies bake because they go from "done" to "burnt" in a few seconds! The trees are my favorite cookie shape and some years I decorate elaborately and some years this year...quick and easy. Now the baked trees are long gone, but the quilted trees will be around for years to come!


Deb Robertson Writes said...

Hi Kathy, I had to look HARD!! but one of the trees is facing the wrong way. Not that it actually matters, but it's different to the other one!! They look great.

Rose Marie said...

Mistake .... what mistake ..... it is the pattern and who would notice it anyway. The upper right hand tree is facing the wr.... er....differently.

Quilter Kathy said...

You are right :)
Email me your address and I'll get a little treat in the mail to you!

Jean said...

Love your little table toppers. It will be fun to see your class do them too.

Lady of the Cloth said...

I love those little trees, Is the " mistake" that two trees are facing "up" where in the other example they all go a different way??? The class should be fun.

Unknown said...

Your upper righthand tree is pointing up instead of down. It sure took me a while to find it-lovely quilt!