Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quilty gifts

One of my blog readers emailed me to ask if I received any quilty gifts for Christmas???
I guess in all my excitement to tell about the quilts I gave, I forgot to tell you what I received!
From Santa I got the board game of Stitchopoly (read about it here). It looks like lots of fun, but unfortunately I can't convince anyone at my house to play with me - picture the rolling of the eyes and hear the grunting of my teenagers! Look at the little game pieces...aren't they cute?!? So I came up with a great idea to host a Stitchopoly game night at my quilt studio...surely there is someone out there who will come and play my new game with me!?! Stay tuned to my blog for the date announcement!
I also received a new wooden ruler rack to keep my rulers organized and easy to find.
And in my stocking was The Quilter magazine, but I was really disappointed with it...there wasn't one single project that tempted me enough to consider sewing it. If you are interested in having this magazine, just leave a comment saying so, and I'll send it to you.
But my biggest quilty gift from DH, I mean Santa, was written inside a beautiful card and is the gift of a trip with some guild friends to the 25th annual quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky in April! (Click here for the link to the very boring webpage for the quilt show) I still can't believe it, but some quilting friends were talking about going and I mentioned that I'd sure love to go and how lucky they were, and they invited me to come along. Thinking that they were just being kind, I gave them some time to reconsider the spontaneous invite, but they are still willing to let me tag along! Can you believe it?!? So I convinced DH to make that my Christmas present, and since it meant that he didn't have to do any shopping, he agreed! He did however also end up doing some shopping and I am one lucky quilter!! I registered right away as soon as he agreed so he couldn't change his mind!
And as if that wasn't enough excitement, Bonnie at Quiltville is offering the gift of a new mystery quilt starting on New Years Eve - called Double Delight. This past year I sewed 2 of the 3 mystery quilts Bonnie hosted and I had a great time! I kind of said (quietly to myself) that I wouldn't start another mystery until I quilted those tops. So this week I am going to at least start on that commitment and I'll baste one of them and see how far I get with the quilting. How many more days until New Year's Eve?!?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I'd like your magazine ... believe it or not ... I have every quilt magazine I have ever bought. Happy New Year! jr from Guelph. P.S. Is anyone having trouble moving from one page to another in Stashbusters ... I can't read past page 1.

Anonymous said...

I saw that game somewhere and thought how cute it is but I don't like playing monopoly either so if I got it, it would be only to collect, I suppose. I love the playing pieces that are so cute.
Wishing you the best in 2009 which will be here in two more sleeps.

sewnut said...

Maybe a saturday afternoon should be a plan in the works....
you need quilty friends for stitchopoly!!! and chocolate, and fabric, and....

Jean said...

I wish I could come play..but you live a long ways from Iowa!The game sounds like fun.