Friday, March 21, 2008

Miniature Quilt Class

Somedays you just wake up and feel thankful for the ordinary things you can enjoy today that you didn't have computer access! My computer is still working today - yippee! Last night's blog entry appeared, and I am getting some email download! Also today is Good Friday so we all have a day off and some much deserved rest. I will hopefully get some quilting time in this weekend and hope to do lots of machine quilting. I am putting myself under pressure to get my CC quilt finished since Bonnie's new mystery at Quiltville is starting April 1st.
Here are some photos from Tuesday's miniature quilts class. These are their projects from January's class using Wendy Vosters' snowpeople paper pieced blocks. The photo quality isn't as good as I usually can get, so I'll have to figure out if that is computer or camera related (or user error!).
But I think you can get the idea of these wonderful little quilts. One of my favorite elements of this class is to see the personal touches and creative additions that these quilters add - in their choices of sashing, borders, embellishments, quilting, and even block additions/ modifications to accommodate "errors" !!
This month they worked on the connected hearts quilt that I finished for the February class, which I had to cancel - you can see my mini here. It was very interesting to note that each quilter tackled sewing their project in a different way.
These are the styles I noticed:
-sew each pieced component in the order listed on the instruction sheet by reading each step
-sew the quilt top row by row, starting at the top and working down to the bottom row by looking at the quilt picture
-sew each complete heart block, then join the hearts together, and finally work on the border pieces
It was fascinating to me that each person had the same task, and each one tackled it differently! It again demonstrated the different styles of the quilters and their creativity.
Myself, I usually like to follow the written instructions to complete one block first, and see how it turns out. Then I will go on to mass produce the block components and put the quilt together using the pictures/illustrations.
What is your style of sewing together a quilt top???


Jeanne said...

Another great show and tell from your class. I still have that pattern on my 'to do' list. I should have been in your group.

scrappynanna said...

Happy Easter Weekend. I hope to get some machine quilting done too.
I am machine quilting a large quilt with the hope of doing some handquilting on it also.Hope the computer hangs in there.

Gina said...

I love how they have turned out.

How I do a quit depends on the pattern. Sometimes I will do a load of it by chain stitching and other times I will make one block at a time. It also depends on how I feel.

love and hugs xxx

Andrea said...

Glad your pc is behaving itself - lol! Great photos. I am trying to finish my CC before April 1st. I am VERY tempted to do Orange Crush.

Sweet P said...

I love your mini quilts.
As for sewing a quilt - if I'm trying a new technique I will follow the directions. If I know the technique I will read through the directions and then, more often than not, I do it the way I want to do it.