Monday, March 24, 2008

Machine Quilting progress

I have been machine quilting my spring wallhanging in every spare moment. First I quilted in the ditches between the blocks (using my walking foot). I quilted all the horizontal and vertical seams, and then started free motion quilting the blocks.
This was my block sketch with the quilting design that I liked the most. Sometimes I use EQ to design the quilting, or at least to print out the block to sketch ideas on, but with my computer acting up, I just did it the old fashion way - drawing on scrap paper.
There are 20 flower blocks and I have about half of them finished. There are places where the quilt is thick because of all the seams on the top and on the pieced backing, so I have had trouble with thread breaking if I quilt too fast. I also couldn't get the quilting needles to work and had the best luck with a universal needle. I am using a varigated Sulky thread and just hope I have enough to finish the quilting!
And this is how the blocks corners look where they meet.

I was hoping to have the quilting finished so that I could sew the binding on while I travel to a work conference this week, but I haven't had enough quilting time to meet that goal. But I will put my time to good use and will sketch some border quilting ideas while sitting in meetings. I'll post my sketches when I get home.
Happy Quilting!


scrappynanna said...

I love how you did the quilting. It makes the blocks appear round like a flower.Amazing how you can trick the "eye".Good luck with the border design.

Andrea said...

Very nice quilting - really brings the flower to life.

Ginger Patches said...

I have been doing machine quilting this week too! Yours looks great! I have read that Denim needles work for tough areas, also I listened to podcast where Alex Anderson said to try topstitching needles. I just finished a table topper that had those thick intersections, I just slowed way down :)

Pat said...

Lovely work as always!
I hope you and your family had a very Happy Easter!
Hugs, Pat

Helen in the UK said...

Love the design so far :)

Libby said...

The quilting really adds a nice dimension to the quilt. I hope to one day become more clever with quilting designs *s* Someone is very lucky to receive this little gem.

Greenmare said...

oh I love it I love it I love it!!! you are bringing spring with this one!

Carole said...

That's really coming out sweet! Love the design! Thanks for sharing!