Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Group Quilt & new mystery project

I guess I am finished talking about my retreat projects because I cannot find my paper pieced blocks to show you! I have looked in every bag I took along (there were too many!) and I can't find them anywhere. When they surface, I will tell you about them!
So today I will show you the quilt made by my UFO/friendship quilters group quilt. You can read the post about this quilt and sewing the blocks here. There are 12 star blocks and 6 cross blocks. Each of the interested group members sewed some blocks and I sewed the blocks together. If you've ever done anything like this, you know how difficult it can sometimes be since everyone's 1/4" seam allowance is different! But these blocks went together really well! Today I passed the quilt top back to Joan and she will add some borders.
And if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll show you the mystery quilt with Deb at Quiltaholics that I started on the weekend. I wanted to use up stash fabric but I had to veer far from the recommend fabrics since that would have required serious shopping. On the left are the pieces I cut out for the blocks... but life was too busy around here on the weekend and I didn't get much done on the mystery. On the right are my 8 blocks finally sewn and I quite like them. Sorry about the poor quality photo taken late at night on the basement floor! So I have been thinking about making more blocks and sewing the medium size quilt (instead of the small). That would use up more fabric since I would need to make an additional 10 blocks!
It is really snowing out here tonight and the kids are hoping to be snowed in and have school cancelled tomorrow. If that happens, I'll sew up the extra blocks!


Debi said...

I really like the blocks from the mystery quilt. I will have to go visit quilaholics and download the pattern.

Ginger Patches said...

I think you should definitely make the medium size--it's really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your mystery quilt turned out great and I just love your blocks. They remind me of a sunset or fire.Well I think that they are orange and red???Using up our stash is a good way of getting to go shopping again.

Greenmare said...

well you know, everyone's 55 mph is a bit different too....... ;-)it looks great though!!!

Sandy said...

I am doing Deb's mystery as well, am doing mine totally scrappy and though I intended to do the small size am going larger as the blocks look so good - imho.
Wondering if you intend putting any bright contrast squares in your quilt.