Friday, January 11, 2008

Step #5 finished

I finally had time to open up my Christmas present and become acquainted with my new sewing machine. I thought this might be a good block to sew since the quarter inch seam is so different on this machine and it was not as necessary to be perfect in this block. We were working well together as a sewing team and quickly producing the 100 hourglass blocks for the mystery quilt, until I noticed a problem with my blocks. Can you see it in the photo on the right? When I sewed the second seam, somehow it pulled the fabric back in the centres. Some blocks were just fine, but this was happening on about 25% of the blocks. I tried very hard to fix this, putting the blocks through very carefully, but couldn't seem to solve the problem. I ended up having to take out 2-3 stitches in the middle of the seam, fold the lip back and resew that part of the seam. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this?
Anyway, I persisted and resewed the problematic blocks, and then squared up the blocks to 3.5". It was a lot of work, but I was determined to catch up before Bonnie posted step #6. And I just made it! How are these blocks going to be sewn together?!? It's a mystery!


T said...

About the flipped seam - could it be that there is too much pressure on your presser foot, so that the seam is getting squished through right there?

(and yes, I still am thrilled about YOUR blocks and your color choices - so cool!)

Juliann in WA said...

This is going to be such a cheerful quilt top.

Greenmare said...

no suggestions here, but I have to say again I LOVE your color choices for this quilt, they are looking soooooo cheerful and springlike~ Those are awesome greens!

Darlene said...

Love, love this quilt top.

Tell me about your Jem Platinum! Do you love it? I want to hear all about it. Please!

ShinyNewThing said...

Is the flipped seam happening on top, or on the bottom? It is likely something mechanical - either it is catching on your presser foot (in which case try reducing the pressure, and check the foot for burrs underneath), or it could be hooking into the zigzag opening in the stitch plate underneath and getting flipped back. Can you get a straight stitch plate (one hole) for this machine? Or try spray starching the seam allowances to stay flat when you press. I hate it when a new machine gives problems right away.