Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stash Butterfly Quilt

A group of my quilting friends have been working on blocks for a donation quilt since last summer. You can read about the beginning of the project here. We finally are finished piecing the last blocks. I thought the butterflies needed to have antennae. The group members agreed and said "have fun with that"!! But what kind of antennae to make? I couldn't decide, so I am making each butterfly different. It was fun at first and now I am bored with it!
How many more do I have to do???
This many!!!
On the right is a photo of all the finished (antennae-less) blocks on my design wall...made completely from our stashes. We worked on piecing them mostly at home and didn't know what fabrics the other quilters were using, so there is a wide variety of colours.


  1. Your butterflies are so pretty.
    I need to look at this pattern closer. One of my granddaughters loves butterflies and she would love this quilt. I think you are going a great job with the antennae.

  2. No good deed gets unpunished....

    Good luck with making the antennae, I guess doing just a few in all those lost moments of time we have during the day is the answer.
    And, there is always fabric marker.....

  3. gorgeous quilt! You have been busy lately with your quilts...I hope that has been good stashbustingfor you!

  4. It is a sweet looking quilt! I could see anteneas being a slow process for me! Good luck with the project!

  5. Beautiful butterflies. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.

  6. Love so much you butterflies. You have gold in your
    Great work.