Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Quilt Review

It has been a beautiful winter wonderland here, with overnight temps of minus 20. My dog is refusing to go for walks in this cold weather, so yesterday I went for a nice walk by myself and took a few photos of the snowmen made by the nieghbourhood children.
I think they are really creative...especially the one on the right, which has great detail!
I have been pondering making a list of my UFO's, as many of my fellow bloggers have bravely done (go look at Meredith's list). But I know that would be too time consuming, overwhelming and probably discouraging for me. In 2005 I started a list (didn't dig too deep) and came up with over 50 UFO's. I made a short list of 12 projects to work on and by the end of the year had finished 7 of them. In 2006, I made another short list of 9 and finished 3 of those. I did like having this list to keep me somewhat focused, and might try to do that some time this week.
I thought it might be more fun to review my accomplishments for 2007 and here is a summary of what I accomplished:
Mini Quilts - Abstract Challenge: finished 3 pieces ("family", "country", and "orange" themes)
Paper Pieced Mystery blocks completed: 3 blocks sewn (still just at block stage)
Mini Quilts - 7
Wallhangings - Pieced 56 blocks and quilted Guild President's Challenge by the deadline
Pieced and Quilted the Spring Shop Hop banner
Baby Quilts - 2 finished and given away
Lap Quilts - 2 for nieces; pieced and quilted Christmas Quilt (made of 80 HST blocks)
Mystery Quilts - 3 tops completed (2 sizes from Quiltaholics spring mystery and 1 from fall)
Charity Quilts - made blocks for the UFO group quilt last year and blocks for this year's
- Assembled blocks and quilted one guild BOM quilt; quilted a second BOM quilt
Classes - took 3 classes this year - a Quilted Vessel class with Christine Ford, a Bead making class with Judith Eckhardt, and a Paper Piecing class with Denise McKenna
Teaching - Taught 23 local quilting classes
Other quilting highlights:
-attended a 2 night/3 day quilt retreat; attended Quilt Festival, where 3 of my quilts were displayed; lectured at at the Georgian Quilt Guild; lectured and taught at the Orillia Quilt Guild; made a halloween costume for my son (no quilting involved but lots of sewing); hand embroidered and sewed 10 pillows for Christmas; went on 2 Shop Hops
Ongoing projects started in 2007:
1)Bead Journal Project - finished 4 months so far
2) Journey of a Quilter - finished stitching 4 1/2 blocks
3) 365 Quilt - finished 8 months
It was a very busy and fun quilty year! I look forward to continuing my ongoing projects and finishing some of my UFO's from previous years. I would really like to get my scrap management system improved. The problem being that once I start playing in the scraps, I get distracted and start making things instead of here to see the last time I tried!
Well, I better get going on making some supper, and retrieving the children from their friends' homes. This is the view I enjoy from my kitchen window this week...takes me longer to cook when I keep gawking out the window!!
Happy Quilting in 2008!


GraceBeading said...

Hi Kathy,
LOVE the snowmen, esepcially that third one with all of its color, such a happy guy! I don't blame your dog for not wanting to go out, it's been pretty cold here to and man oh man, it can sure take one's breath away

Look at all of your accomplishments - you should be rather proud of yourself I think.

Great view from your kitchen too, thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem so bad when you write it all down.Look at what you did get done and not what is waiting.

ShinyNewThing said...

My son would be very jealous, no snow here in the UK. I keep a list of UFOs but mainly because my memory is so poor in my middle age :) . Mine is divided into four columns: Have book/pattern/fabric; Cutting/Sewing; Quilting; and Misc. The first column is the longest because I record batches of fabric I bought thinking they would make a good quilt, and patterns, gifts etc. that I DEFINITELY want to make (not just ones I spot in mags and like). It is satisfying to cross out a project in one column and move it along to the next, as it moves through the stages of cutting, piecing and being quilted. This is just handwritten on a landscape page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,now that i have figured out how to use this thing i can tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog. I am a friend of Barb J from guelph.She told me about the blog and I have been entertained ever since. I just moved to a new small town and left behind a large guild in the big city.I am slowly getting into the smaller guilds here.Reading your blog is like talking to an old friend. Maybe some day when I am visiting Barb we will meet.I too have a huge pile of UFOs and hope to get some done this year, I think this could be a new years resolution!!!!I also enjoy the photography, I am a sucker for a well-dressed snowman!!!!!Take care

Libby said...

Great snowmen . . . that's something we NEVER see in these parts *s*

Khris said...

Ohh wow how cool is that snowman. I so envy you girls having a white Xmas. Its hot and steamy her in Oz. 40 degrees celcious. The snow pictures are just gorgeous. Hugs, Khris in Oz

sewnut said...

It is a good "move forward" exercise to list the year's accomplishments. There usually ends up being more than you think at first. That was a good year.

sewnut said...

It is a good "move forward" exercise to list the year's accomplishments. There usually ends up being more than you think at first. That was a good year.