Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To complain or not to complain!

Thanks to the readers of my blog who have encouraged me by telling me they enjoy reading about my quilting adventures, and those who encourage me by buying me pins to wear about blogging...one of my quilting students gave me this button which says "I'll be blogging this later"!
I can hardly type tonight because of all the snow shovelling and ice scraping I've been doing lately. I shouldn't complain about it because we have waited so long for winter to arrive this year..but I will! I was on call for the Sunday night shift, and got paged to come in to work in the middle of the ice storm. That meant not only going out in the middle of the night, but scraping layers of ice off the car at 2 am to drive in to work, and then coming out at 5:30 am to scrape the ice off to drive home, and then getting up at 8 am to scrape the car AGAIN to take my daughter to school. I was exhausted and the muscles (or lack thereof) in my arms are protesting all this "non-quilting" type of activity!
But this morning made up for it, even with the sore arms and sleep deprivation! I taught a miniature quilting class and the students brought in their finished projects from December. This was the project they had picked to make a quick and easy Christmas gift. Once again they did a fantastic job of adding their own touches with borders, and embellishments such as ribbons and beads.
And they started their new project of the month using the connecting corners. I gave them two versions to chose from, one based on an this old quilt I taught years ago that I called "Candy Kisses", which uses the connecting corners techniques, with the background fabric on two corners and the "kiss" fabric on the opposite corners . "Candy Kisses" is a lap size quilt and I donated it a couple of years ago to a children's charity. In today's miniature class, the version they were making used an easier and much smaller version having a block size of 2 1/2". Their other layout option was the quilt I showed in Sunday's post (Jan. 14), having a finished block size of .75".
The students were so preoccupied with talking about the weather and winter illnesses that they forgot to complain about the tiny pieces they had to cut for this month! Or do I dare to hope that they actually love it as much as I do?!?!

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