Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I am getting close to feeling desperate for some quilting time!
For the past week I have been helping my daughter renovate her bedroom. I have always tried to nurture my children's creativity but this week, I realize I may taken this a bit too far! Nothing is straightforward with her...she has a billion ideas for how to do every step of redecorating, most of which involve lots of shopping (ugh!), and piles of money. This is a photo of my daughter, who got up early one morning to paint the 9 drawers on her new storage unit...each drawer a slightly different shade. She looked just like me when I am painting fabric, and she was just as happy!
Tomorrow they go back to school and I get my life back!
In between shopping, painting, and moving furniture, I have been thinking about my New Years Resolutions, reviewing last year's accomplishments and activities, and planning for the coming year. Maybe tomorrow I will have more time to write about that. Right now, I must go and put the new handles on the dresser drawers

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