Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bumped up a generation

I just realized this week that I have been bumped up a generation. I am no longer invited to the weddings and baby showers of my cousins and friends. Now I am being invited to the celebrations of the children of my cousins and friends! How did this happen so quickly?!?! My children would say "You know you're old when...."! Today I feel old. I went to a baby shower to celebrate the birth of my cousin's new grandson. On the right is my cousin's daughter Darcy and her new beautiful son Benjamin. I remember very clearly holding Darcy when she was a newborn and now she is a mother! Of course I had to make a quilt for Benjamin and started by sewing together 6" squares. Then I cut out some shapes (heart, bear, moon, star, bib, block, sun, block and bottle) and buttonhole stitched around the shapes. I love the buttonhole stitch, and although it is faster to do by machine, I still enjoy stitching by hand. Then I quilted using my walking foot and straight stitched in all the seam lines. I hope Benjamin will enjoy napping under his new quilt! I'm going to have a nap now, because I am old and old people need naps too!

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