Thursday, June 01, 2017

Clarissa #13

Clarissa block #13
This is the next block to join the Clarissa block collection (you can see the other blocks here).

This one has more dark red triangles than the other blocks. The project seemed to need this kind of a block.
I like the unique (inspired by a mistake) corner hourglass blocks with 3 dark triangles and 1 light.
This is how block #13 looks from the back. I have tried many ways to press the seams as I made each block, and have settled on this as the best so far. My favourite thing is spinning the centre seams on the hourglass blocks to make them lay nice and flat.
Total number of pieces in the quilt so far is 1,872!


julieQ said...

Your block looks as good on the back as the front! Lots of pieces...lovely!

Laura said...

Good lookin' block! :)

Kyle said...

Love seeing how these blocks are coming together. Getting the back to be right with all of the seams makes a big difference how nice the front looks. Lovely.

Janet O. said...

That is a creative corner treatment. I like it, too.
Goodness, the back looks so organized--almost as attractive as the front. : )

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Very nice! those colors are growing on me with each block you do!

Cathy said...

And I still only have ONE Clarissa block.
And I will NEVER show the back of any of my quilts!

I still love these. Congrats to you on #13 and all those pieces.

AnnieO said...

It is beautiful--front and back!

Kate said...

Such a pretty block!