Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Clarissa Block Formations

Clarissa is my new leader-ender hourglass project initiated by Bonnie Hunter's annual challenge
First of all, blog reader Vicki told me that you can buy a real pattern for this quilt over at Hoopla. I don't know what the measurements actually are for this pattern, and I am making up my own based on my math (which we all know is seriously flawed, but in a really creative way!)
When I saw the Clarissa quilt, I only took 4 close up shots of the blocks.  Why I didn't take a photo of every single block, I don't know. I'm sure it had something to do with not wanting people to think I am crazy. Which I am!

This week I really studied my photos and the block formations in order to learn what is was that I liked about her block designs. This is what I see:

-each block is made up of 36 hourglass units. 

Clarissa Quilt Block #1

-at the centre of every block is a four patch unit, and some of the centre blocks have a very pronounced pinwheel which is made by altering the value of the fabrics in the hourglass units.

-every once and a while she pops in a high contrast wild fabric, like this polka dot navy fabric.

Clarissa Quilt Block #2

-some of the blocks have definite colour rounds. Here you can see a blue round and a pink round. Also she randomly throws in a different colour, like a white triangle where a pink should be.

Clarissa Quilt Block #3

-the position of the hourglass blocks is usually alternated every other block on every round. You can see it clearly on the middle round where every other block has the dark fabric up/down or left/right. 

-when using a patterned directional fabric (like the striped fabric) she made sure that it went every which way.

Clarissa Quilt Block #4

-she sometimes used similar colours/value and yet made it totally scrappy. Look at the outside round and how many different fabrics there are!

Are you sewing a Clarissa block and/or quilt? Many people commented and emailed that they would like to experiment with this block/quilt design. You will have to either purchase the pattern or make up your own, since due to possible copyright infringement it would not be wise of me to post instructions on how to make this quilt.
If there are enough people making this pattern, I will host an occasional link up so we can see the progress and encourage each other. Let me know!


Karen said...

Thank you for mentioning Hoopla as I had not thought of that site in a long time. Fun browsing.
Interesting how the hour glass blocks form different designs in the center of the blocks.

Jan said...

This quilt is such a great option for Bonnie's sew along. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm considering jumping in, too - what's another project, right?!

Kate said...

This is going to be a fun project to watch come together.

Kevin the Quilter said...

This is beautifully ambitious. I am curious as to the size of your finished hourglass unit?

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lots of gorgeous fabrics on display here...what fun for you to play with.