Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scrap Squad Inspiration - Six Versions on the Same Pattern

QMMP 150800 HERO 506flat One Scrappy Quilter: Two Scrap Quilts; Giveaway!
Original Pattern - Hero's Homecoming by Janice Averill
For your creative inspiration (and for my failing memory) I like to post all the versions the Scrap Squad created for the pattern of the month. This is our 3rd assignment of the year, and there were four members of the squad that made this pattern called "Hero's Homecoming" by Janice Averill, from the July/August Quiltmaker magazine. This quilt has a square layout of 10 blocks across and down.
donna9 One Scrappy Quilter: Two Scrap Quilts; Giveaway!
Version# 2 by Donna

Donna Hanna from Pennsylvania made this red, black and white version of this pattern. She made a layout of 6 blocks across and 8 blocks down. Isn't it amazing how the quilts look so different?

dogwood finished resized Scrap Squad Dogwoods in Bloom
Version #3 by Julie

Julie Huffman from Idaho made this awesome version of the same pattern with blue, pink, yellow and green. She called it Dogwoods in Bloom and the layout is 4 blocks across and 6 down.

Hero Homecoming top Scrap Squad Dogwoods in Bloom
Version #4 also by Julie

And then Julie even made a second variation of the same design is red, white and blue for a veteran's organization.This layout is 6 blocks across and 8 blocks down.

quilt1 Scrap Quilt Ideas: Emilys Hampton Court
Version #5 by Emily

Emily Klaczak from Pittsburgh made a wonderfully creative version called Hampton Court inspired by Henry the 8th. She used jewel tones in her quilt. This layout is a square with 6 blocks across and 6 down.

Version #6 by me

And as I posted on Friday, I made my Kansas Troubles version from the same pattern. I made a square quilt using 8 blocks by 8 blocks.

Isn't it amazing to see them all together and notice how each quilt appears so different depending on the use of colour and value?!? Yet another reason to totally love quilting!


  1. It really is AMAZING how different color and fabric placement can make the SAME pattern look so DIFFERENT!!! All of the variations are lovely.

  2. Oh, thank you for posting them all up together - how fun. Love seeing a quilt pattern envisioned by different quilts - they will all be different, but beauties in their own.

  3. They all look like completely different patterns ! :)

  4. I love what quilters can do with a pattern and change of focus of the dark/light fabrics. Great job Kathy, your version is beautiful!

  5. Thanks so much for putting them altogether! It's fun to see all the versions.

  6. All so wonderfully different! The pattern does look interesting in the other colors.

  7. Great to see them in one place. Color gets the credit and Value does the work- or something like that. I heard that somewhere. Great quilts.

  8. I guess I missed your finish while I was gone camping.
    Thanks for posting them together. It is incredible how much the same pattern changes within the hands of the quilter. I love seeing them all and comparing.
    Great job, Kathy!

  9. Some of them don't look like the same pattern at all.

  10. Yes. Amazing how different fabrics along with dark & light color way change a quilt design. One would think the blocks were different patterns.

  11. Wow - hard to believe they are all made from the same block. Love all the different color variations.

  12. I had to keep scrolling up and down to see that they are really all made from the same pattern. It's pretty amazing how just choosing different fabrics make them look like 6 quilts made from totally different patterns.

  13. It's incredible how different each quilt looks. Great works.

  14. They are all so amazing...hard to believe they are all the same pattern!! Way to go ladies!!!

  15. What spectacular quilts - same pattern but each as unique as the quilter. Just beautiful!

  16. That is absolutely fascinating, the way each quilt looks so different!

  17. It's always so fun to see how different fabrics affect the quilt design. Thanks for pulling all these together in one place.