Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Friends

Belle is saying "Kathryn step away from the tumblers"!

When I became obsessed with my tiny tumblers that I showed yesterday, I was really supposed to be finishing my next scrap squad quilt. Even Miss Belle was trying to be helpful. She sat under my sewing table with her paw near the foot pedal, ready to assist at any time.

The problem was that I got totally sidetracked with the mini tumblers. They were so cute and the rows went together so easily that I just couldn't put them down. 
My friends tried to be so helpful in encouraging me to get to work. They offered me treats - just look at this delicious dessert, which I may or may not have had a few pieces of. 
See the quilt top in a pile there behind the dessert?!? And one little Alamo star piece, which is really truly a leader-ender project, under the needle.
When the dessert and encouragement didn't work, they offered me money. This is not a good photo of me, but I'm posting it anyway because it makes me smile.
You know you have good friends when they bribe you with cash so you can meet your publishing deadline! They dangled the money from the Ott light over my tumblers and said if I finished piecing the scrap squad quilt top by lunch time, I could have the $20. This photo is just so funny... they have the webbed quilt top hanging behind me (which I blocked out since I'm not supposed to reveal it until the publish date on the Quiltmaker site)  and the cash dangling right in front of me, but I was so obsessed with the tumblers that I was not seeing anything around me.
FYI - I did finish the tumblers and the scrap squad quilt top, thanks to my friends. However, I forgot about that money and accidentally left the $20 hanging from the light!!


Deanna W said...

We were thinking the same thing!!! scary!! My post today was about your bribery too!! And you were right those tumblers go together so slick!!Great seeing and spending time with you again...can't wait for next year!

Teresa in Music City said...

Hey, when the muse strikes, we must obey, right? Those tumblers were definitely too cute to lay aside!!! But glad to know you managed to get your commitment done as well as the tumblers :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Boy, you could have used that $20 this weekend. Bring the tiny tumbler to show off.

Janet O. said...

Entertaining post.
You were really tumbling down a slippery slope there! : )

Mary said...

Too tIny for me! You are so funny. Your friends didn't dangle the right carrot -for me it would have been a Big ol' Chocolate bar.

liniecat said...

Tiny tumblers and they look so lovely with it!
I think I might have knocked the money back but not the desert lol

Lisa J. said...

Hi Kathy: I can see why you got distracted by those tiny tumblers. They are awfully cute!

Kate said...

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and get it out of your system. The tumblers are awfully cute. Glad you got your scrap challenge project done too.