Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mystery Quilt Update

Step #5 of the Grand Illusion mystery quilt was posted on Friday and thankfully this step was short and sweet. This week we sewed simple 4 patches to add to the pile of blocks that will somehow eventually become a quilt pattern. Right now it's a floral mushy mess, but I'm hoping that Bonnie will make it all work out in the end!
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After all of this relaxing sewing this week, I think I'm ready to dig into something a little more challenging.  Maybe some machine quilting on a UFO? Or maybe an Indian Orange Peel block or two? 
With New Year's Eve coming up, I'm thinking of starting a new mystery. The two I am looking at are:
1) Quiltbug's smaller mystery project called New Beginnings or
2) Merry Mayhem's "Regatta" larger mystery pattern.
Both mysteries are taking place on New Year's Day. Is it a good idea to start off the year with a new project? Of course it is! Are you joining in? 


Scrappy quilter said...

I don't think I will start any mysteries this yet. I have too many quilt tops to make and then quilt to get ready to send overseas come July. Working makes it hard to quilt as often as I want too.

Janet O. said...

Floral mushy mess--that made me laugh. : )
No new starts for me on New Years. I'm taking workshops next week that will start two new wool projects and that is enough to add to my UFO pile!

Nita said...

I am still on clue three for the Grand Illusion mystery quilt. I am going to try to finish it today so I can start clue two tomorrow.

Cathy said...

If I get a vote for what you work on, I'd say Indian Orange Peel. I'd love to see that finished. It's so beautiful!

liniecat said...

Gosh its really interesting to see this come together, a mushy mess it isn't!!

AnnieO said...

The prints are way different from Bonnie 's but will be pretty on their own, I think! My UFO pile is too crushing to consider yet another new project--enjoy!

Dana said...

Definitely not a "mushy mess" from my perspective! I can't wait to see how it comes together. I'm a bit concerned about the colors I used (Bonnie's colors) - my blocks really don't look like they all belong in the same quilt! I was very excited to find your Slow Sunday Stitching effort - I am a big slow stitching fan and loved reading the posts from your last link-up. You have a great blog!

Kate said...

Your blocks look great, not at all a floral mess. I checked out the two mystery quilt alongs, they both look like fun. Have a happy New Year.