Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mid Week Focus

This is a photo of focus in action.

It's a lovely project and everything is going well.
As you can see, I decided to go with the straight line quilting, because although it is boring to do...the quilt really insisted on it! I should clarify that it is relaxing and repetitive, which many people would enjoy. To me it feels like work... which is just silly, because I'm quilting, which I love. And it is staying flat and the designs are going well.
But it's just not challenging enough like it is when I can do some swirly fun designs. I'll have to save it for another quilt.
The problem is...
I want to start the new quilt along

New things are just so fun aren't they?!?  Nothing has gone wrong, everything seems rosy, hope runs high that this will be awesome, and the endorphins 
are giving you a rush.... who doesn't want more of that?!?

But the fun part of making a quilt is over on this old project, and it's all work now to push on and do the work to get to the binding stage (the icing on the cake for me!)

But I made a promise to myself to finish this older quilt first. I want to be a person who keeps her promises or dies trying  
So... I am quilting this.
And then I can start the new quilt along.
I love this blog post by Greg McKeown - How to Simplify Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day
He said  "we make a millimeter progress in a million directions". That is a perfect description of me in my quilting room, and probably in real life too. It resembles a chicken with it's head cut off!


  1. Love your quilt...I think the straight line quilting is perfect for it!

  2. It's so hard to finish up the old, but you do get that "it's done" glow of glory when it's finished. Why is that not as strong as the "new project" rush?

    Good luck getting the quilting done.

  3. I always enjoy your posts. Especially so this one, and the link to Greg McKeown's article. Very good advice. I will practice this with quilting projects, I need to consider lots of projects, before focusing on just one to work one, rather than thinking I have to make them all, lol

  4. I do like to finish a quilt even if I have gotten bored with it - I don't like to have half finished quilts laying about.

  5. It is just so hard to stay focused but the pay-off will be so worth it!

    I am trying to stay focused too on older projects and quilts and it is very challenging me to but I am really trying to stay the course!!

  6. Have you ever actually been in the presence of a chicken with its head cut off? That image still haunts me. As a child I was in my aunt's backyard with her when she grabbed a chicken, placed it on a tree stump, chopped off its head with an axe, and let it go to grab another. That headless bird hopped and ran, flapping its wings. I freaked out--sure it was chasing me. I ran into her screened back porch and watched the scene in horror as other birds joined in the freakish dance.
    Now my grandpa was a chicken farmer, and I spent many happy hours gathering eggs, spreading feed, and petting baby chicks, but he had always spared me that nightmare.
    My point is, I'm sure you are nothing like said chicken. : )
    Hey, my Nabby's Dowry is not quilted, and I keep trying to start the new SAL, and somehow I always get detoured. Maybe I am not being allowed to start until NB gets quilted.

  7. I had to laugh at Janet's reply - yea, headless chickens isn't something I think about when working on many directions. But I think most of us tend to flit from one thing to another.

  8. good morning kathy,
    i love this quilt you are working on now. you did a wonderful job on the oclor plaeement of the colors! how is your ufo list coming along? cant wait to see this quilt when you are through with it. babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  9. You're doing a fabulous job on the quilting. Bossy quilts know what they want, and how they want it, and all we can do is go along with them. Sometimes boring and simple to do are the most effective. It gives the quilt its opportunity to sing. I'm struggling with the same thing you are..... wanting to start something new.... actually many somethings new, but at the same time wanting to finish things I've already started.

  10. We are true opposites. For me the fun begins when I get the top sandwiched and in the hoop to be hand quilted, lol!

  11. It is your "priority" for today then onto more fun things.

  12. I had to UN-quilt most of my Nabby's Dowry. I'm telling myself the same thing. It has to be done so I can make Market Day! I'm putting it back on Betsy to re-do the Feathered wreaths I un-quilted. It's Friday tomorrow and Pam is going to be there tempting me again!!!
    I have a Chicken/Rooster story too. I'll spare ya.

  13. Wonderful,post - like the linked article!

    Just keep stitching ...

  14. I run around with no head a lot of times...the quilt looks great!

  15. how I wish I could quilt!! Unlike you I do not enjoy starting a fresh project, I am okay once I have started but the start is hard for me, as I have got older I have got worse and change is no good at all!! silly woman I am

  16. The human brain loves new things! That endorphin rush is hard to resist. At least your focus is on quilting and not tax papers, eh?