Friday, March 21, 2014


It's way past time for winter to be over, but the snow is still here. UGH! 
We need some motivation to have some fun and pull ourselves out of the winter doldrums.  And what better way than to QUILT?!?!
Come on all you quilt bloggers... go sign up for Friday Night Sew In and treat yourself to a relaxing night of sewing with quilters around the world. You don't need a quilting blog to join in the fun.  Just get out a quilting project, put the "do not disturb" sign on your quilting room door, and spend the evening relaxing and making quilts. If you are feeling tired at the end of a long week, don't pick something to work on that takes a lot of brain power. Do some string piecing or hand stitching... and just relax!

This is what I will be relaxing with - framed pinwheels for my spring tablerunner. All the pieces are cut and ready to sew - 4 blocks done and 26 more to go!


Terri said...

The table runner is going to be great! Love the springy colors.

Janet O. said...

That is what I need--a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my sewing room door!! : )

Jean said...

Sounds like fun! Are you sewing with friends close by too?

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What gorgeous fabrics for your tablerunner. If we get back in time from dinner, I definitely plan to spend some time with needle and thread ... probably my hexies as they're sufficiently mindless for the end of a long, exhausting week. ;-)

Deanna W said...

I not only need the "do not disturb" sign, I need the door to hang it on. As luck would have it, I hand quilted and watched netflix all evening!! very relaxing!!

Kate said...

Love those pink and green pinwheels. Hope you enjoyed your Friday night sew in. I hope to get in some good stitching time in on Sunday.